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All of the characters in this story are fictional. However, I have been lucky enough during my life to know many good people and of course a number of "not so nice" individuals. I have known the camaraderie of team sports and the feeling of being a part of a "band of brothers". I have experienced the joy of young love and the pain of realising the girl of your dreams has slipped through your fingers. I have also experienced the elation of finding her again years later and the warmth it brings to your soul. I have felt the weight of fear at the unknown and the emotions that all of those inspire.

"The Switch" is a cocktail of memory and imagination.

If you enjoy "The Switch" there will be a sequel available soon. Set twelve years later it continues the story of the Miller Twins, Debbie and Brenda and most of the other characters.

Via this website you can also access a short story I wrote a few months back entitled "The Waiting room"